About us

We are John and Nicola and we are the owners of Cardiff Windows and Doors.

We are extremely passionate about what we do.

We install high specification quality products whilst providing a professional and friendly service.

We donʼt believe in pushy sales as we know that our products and services sell themselves.

We really enjoy working closely with our customers, who are at the heart of everything we do, this is why we have developed a set of business values; these values are us.

Our Values

Let the Customer Decide

Once we have provided a quote in writing after our visit, weʼll leave you to decide if we are right for you.

Open and Honest

We are open and honest in our approach; we will do what we say, ensuring you know what is happening and when.


We donʼt want to confuse you with jargon, all our information is clear and simple. With our technical expertise we will answer all your questions.

Quality Comes First

No matter what, we will not compromise on quality, quality products, quality installation, quality service.

Our Price is Our Price

We wonʼt change the pricing goal posts by starting high and offering last minute special discounts, we will always provide a very competitive price for the quality of service and installation we provide.