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Advantages of Bi-folding Doors from Cardiff Windows and Doors Ltd

16th December 2015

Bi-fold doors are a great addition to any home. They provide a range of practical benefits and a sense of luxury, as well as bringing comfort and convenience and expanding your living space. There are plenty of reasons why you would choose to install bi-fold doors in your home, but here are 7 for you to think about.

1. Garden Access

Installing bifold doors is a great way of bringing the outdoors in and opening up access to your patio or garden space. This gives you both the pleasure of enjoying your outdoor space and the comfort of being indoors at the same time. A good set of bifold doors will make the best use of the room and the patio or lawn at the same time.

2. Maximize Your Natural Light

Bifold doors, like sliding patio doors, will help to maximize the natural light which comes into your home, whether they are open or closed. Getting natural light in can really lift a dark room and turn it into a space where you want to spend more time.

3. Compact

Unlike sliding patio doors, bifold doors take up very little space when open. That’s because they concertina back on themselves, rather than sliding behind another window. This offers the benefit of opening up your wall completely. A sliding patio door will always require another door to slide behind, so even if your wall space is too small for patio doors, bifold doors are still an option. You can even have them stack outside if you don’t have space in the room.

4. Better Security

Bifold doors feature a locking system which is spread over multiple points along the sliding track. This offers a great level of security when compared to other types of glass door, which usually only have a single locking point.

5. Flexibility

Bifold doors offer more flexibility than other types of door. A great set of bifold doors allow you to fully open the wall or open the doors to any width within the frame, and you can customise the doors so that the leaves split in different places. When you compare these to a normal door which can open at only one width, or a sliding door which can open to a maximum width of half the length of the whole window, the flexibility offered by bifold doors is far superior.

6. Low Maintenance

Bifold doors don’t require as much maintenance as you might think. Usually they just need a regular cleaning with detergent, like most other windows or glass doors. They may be easier to clean than other complicated windows with multiple window panes built into a single frame.

7. Aesthetically Pleasing

Having a wide set of bifold doors not only brings in plenty of natural light (thus making a room more aesthetically pleasing on the inside), but it also makes your home look slick and modern outside too. You can choose from a range of designs and styles to perfectly match the rest of your home, whether you want them to blend into the building materials or stand out for a greater impact.

Ordering Bifolds

Bifold doors are the most effective way of opening up a wall in your home without having to compromise on the amount of open space you can bring in. If you are interested in having bifold doors installed in your home, please take a look at our website and contact us for a bifolding door quote.

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