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Bi-folding Doors in Cardiff – Benefits of Aluminium

16th December 2015

Bi-folding Doors – Which Material is Right for Your Project?


The strength of aluminium is its biggest asset as the narrow frames are strong enough to allow for very slim sight lines. This means the frame doesn’t encroach on the glazed area and provides a superb view and unprecedented light levels. Compared to timber and uPVC, aluminium is more resistant to flex, expansion and contraction when in direct sunlight so therefore requires very little maintenance to stay in good working order.

A previous downside to aluminium used to be that options for colour finishes were limited to black, white and metallic shades. However, there are now multiple options for coloured finishes for bi-folding doors including the collection from aluminium door specialist Origin which includes 9 different colour palettes featuring every shade from candy pink and bright yellow to deep blues and greens.

Aluminium doors are generally more expensive than timber and uPVC options and the higher price tag can put many people off. The easy maintenance of aluminium bi-fold doors means that in the long run, they are likely to be a better value option than lower priced uPVC or timber doors, especially if these are also low quality.

Depending on your budget, aluminium is the best all-round choice for bi-fold doors and well worth the investment. Timber doors are also a good option but require more maintenance than uPVC or aluminium. For a standard, low cost bi-fold option then, go for uPVC, although bear in mind that uPVC doors don’t measure up in terms of aesthetics or longevity when compared to the other materials.

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